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Land Use and Zoning

We advise developers and individual property owners who require municipal permits.  With extensive experience appearing before local zoning boards, planning boards, conservation commissions and municipal agencies, we have a keen eye for the issues that can arise and can often identify and resolve issues before they become problems.

When you are considering a residential or commercial real estate development, or if you need a variance for the existing land use or zoning regulations to put your property to its best and highest use, you want an experienced lawyer, one who is familiar with the laws and regulations as well as the boards and agencies that regulate land use.  An experienced attorney will help you determine your likelihood of success and make certain you understand all your options.

At our office, we work extensively with real estate developers who seek either permits or variances in conjunction with the development of commercial and residential projects, including condominiums.  We also protect the interests of individual real property owners who have land use or zoning concerns.

We regularly appear before planning boards and zoning boards, assisting clients who need to obtain:

  • municipal land use permits required by law
  • variances from existing use limitations
  • special permits
  • conservation or environmental considerations
  • wetlands
  • flood hazards
  • lakes or waterways
  • municipal licensing
  • licenses required by specific type of business

Because of our extensive experience in land use and zoning controversies, we have regular contact and considerable familiarity with the boards and agencies that make these determinations.  We are often able to anticipate issues before they arise and help our clients avoid significant time and expense in obtaining a permit or variance.